your child's best summer ever...


This brand-new book was written by teachers who know just how frustrating it is to have a child who struggles with reading. But these two also know something you probably don't: how to fix those reading problems forever.

It's easier than you think. In the pages of this eBook, parents and grandparents - or anyone who wants to help a young student - will find the answers. Real. Simple. Answers.

You'll learn in 20 short lessons : 

  • the fundamentals your child must have in order to learn to read well

  • activities to give him or her those fundamentals

  • how to customize the activities to meet his or her individual needs

By reading these lessons and having your child do the activities over the course of the summer - one to three months - you can reverse a history of failure or underperformance and put your child well on the road to becoming a super reader. Not only that, but you will also know how to make sure your child keeps growing in the years to come. After all, it's much more important to have a twelth-grade super reader than a first-grade one.

why is this book different?


Sid Turner has taught grades 1 - 3 for 30 years. Not only that, but she teaches other teachers, too, and coaches them in how to improve their students' reading and writing. She knows her stuff.

Will Roulston taught high school reading. He developed methods to overcome reading failure and then taught them to other teachers. 

The two of them joined forces this year to work on new ways to get Sid's most struggling first-grade students unstuck. They approached it from two perspectives: Sid's knowledge of what seems to work best with beginning readers and Will's knowledge of what seems not to have worked with the students who came to him in high school still struggling.

They challenged each other. They challenged preconceived notions and long-standing ideas. They blended theories of language development, social and cognitive development. They considered the psychology of success and what happens to students who experience failure. They brought into this quest all of their experience and the teachings of reading experts they had learned from in the past.

The end result is this book that summarizes what they learned in working with Sid's first graders. Each of those students made dramatic and rapid improvements. Sid and Will wanted to share with the students' parents what they had done and teach them how they could keep the growing going, so they wrote this book. Now, you can share in their success, too, in order to get—and keep—your child growing. It's summer. Welcome to growing season!